On May 17th, 1962, a dedicated four-man crew began construction on a 3.3 acre lot with spectacular views of Avon Mountain.

chloroquine usa One year later, Woodland House opened its doors to the public. Initially functioning as luxury apartments with over 200 units, the 12-story vertical neighborhood’s size and location made history in Hartford. Some 20 years later, Woodland House went through a fresh round of renovations and converted to condominiums. Each tenant was given the opportunity to buy an apartment, which helped to maintain the community’s rare sense of family and inclusivity that continues to set The Woodland apart today.

During the 1980 renovations, a vintage sculpture was discovered by the residents. Fueled by curiosity and passion for their home, the residents researched the artist, Sidney Simon, and, with help from an anonymous donor, were able to contact Simon to help restore the piece for The Woodland to display. Years later, residents rallied together again to fight against a plan to widen the street in front of The Woodland. The city of Hartford finally agreed to change its plans; the road was to remain as quiet and accessible as possible. There are endless examples of the dedication and heart of The Woodland’s residents, and this level of attention to detail and community sums up what it means to be a part of The Woodland.

After The Woodland completed its conversion to condos in 1984, the first Board of Directors, consisting of nine owners, was established. Their mission was to provide consistent improvements, not just to the physical building and features, but also to the culture of The Woodland. This commitment to a warm and welcoming environment was embodied not just by the directors, but also the residents, who continue to cultivate a diverse and tight-knit community and view their neighbors as friends and family rather than mere people who live in the same building. The dedication to togetherness, quality and comfort holds stronger than ever today and is why The Woodland has remained one of Hartford’s most cherished complexes.

Then and now, The Woodland offers relaxed living in the heart of Hartford, and consistently continues to win awards and recognition, including Outstanding Association of the Year by the Connecticut chapter of Community Associations Institute. The Woodland prides itself on being a mid-century urban oasis for residents who value preserving history, embracing the present, and looking forward to tomorrow.

A Midcentury Urban Oasis

For residents who value preserving history, embracing the present, and looking forward to tomorrow.